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Sewak Jatha Dadar (SJD) organized the screening of the movie "Chaar Sahibzaade" at the Casa Rio Club

18th Jan 2020: Sewak Jatha Dadar (SJD) organized the screening of the movie "Chaar Sahibzaade" at the Casa Rio Club Mini Theatre at Palava City (Dombivali) for Casa Rio residents.

The Sangat there holds Sukhmani Sahib Paath regularly in their houses with devotion. Some time back some persons had suggested that more activities be started where the Sangat and especially the kids get more exposure to Gurmat through activities and competitions and so on.

Sewak Jatha Dadar took this opportunity to "break the ice" and decided to hold the screening of the movie, to start with. The theatre capacity is 60 people and we are glad that we got a very response as the theatre was packed to its capacity.

Before the start of the movie, while the seats were being filled, the screen had a ppt showing Jatha's activities, with a Shabad playing in the background.

On behalf of SJD, Narinder Singh gave a quick brief to the Sangat on Jatha's ideology and thanked them for giving the opportunity to do this "Sewa" of sharing the pages of history with them!

The screening experiencing was touching with all the audio and the visual effects of the auditorium. Plus we had our active volunteers Amritpal Kaur (Mulund) and Jasdev Singh who were constantly looking after the technical aspects.

Most of the audience had tears in their eyes over the duration of the movie. And one of them got so emotional that as soon as the movie got over he started sobbing loudly and took quite some time to settle down. Such was the impact!

While exiting from the theatre, members of SJD thanked everyone again personally. There were so many who thanked us in return and appreciated Jatha's initiative and also voiced their expectation that they would like to see more of such movies / activities in the future.

One of the residents, Satinder Kaur Nandre has been very instrumental in getting the people organized for the movie and served as a very good facilitator. She served Cadbury chocolates to each one at the end of the movie. That was such a "sweet" gesture on her part!

Overall, the experience was very fulfilling and gratifying! 

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