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Anne Vallely Associate Professor - Religious studies, Ottawa University Canada, Mumbai Visit

Anne Vallely, Associate Professor - Religious studies, Ottawa University, Canada, had earlier been in touch with Narinder Singh (Sewak Jatha Dadar) to learn more about Sikhism and she visited Gurudwara Sahib Dadar for the same in August 2019 and to take pictures of the Gurudwara.

Many aspects of Sikhism were explained to her in detail by Balbir Singh and Narinder Singh.

She is studying other religions as well. She expected to see only the main prayer hall but was pleasantly surprised when she was told that a Gurudwara not only has a prayer hall, it is supposed to have a free community kitchen (Langar), a place for the tourists to stay and a dispensary.

She was shown all of these facilities at Gurudwara Dadar (including the cancer patients' facility) and Gurudwara Dashmesh Darbar. She was touched immensely by all of these Sewas and she penned her feelings in the Visitor Book (details of which are also shared).

She also enjoyed having Guru ka Langar sitting in a pangat.

She has expressed her desire to visit the Gurudwara again around May 2020.

Visitor book comments by Anne on her visit of 20th August 2019 both to Gurudwara Sahib Dadar and Sri Dashmesh Darbar.

"I have been introduced to this community and this Gurudwara through the generosity of Narinder Singh.

I am overwhelmed now by the generosity and kindness the community here has shown me.

This Gurudwara exudes peace and tranquility; entering the divan is to enter another space altogether.

But what I learned today more than ever before is the degree to which SIKH spirituality extends far beyond the "metaphysical", it is powerfully imbued in actions of service and compassion to all members of the human community, through the free kitchen (Langar), dispensary, skill workshops, cancer care, dentistry, etc..

There is no distinction between love and compassion for all humanity (and all nature) and lovely God (Waheguru).

Thank you for your generosity, I am honoured to have been your guest."

- Anne Vallely.

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