Biggest NBA news this past week

Sewak Jatha Dadar: Biggest NBA news this past week

The National Basketball Association is one of the most exciting leagues to watch in the sports industry. From the gameplay itself to the unpredictability of which team will win, it’s a no brainer why it’s one of the most-watched sports in the whole world. From breaking records to out of nowhere roster additions, here are some of the biggest NBA news that happened this past week, here at Sewak Jatha Dadar:

Stephen Curry surpasses Ray Allen

On Tuesday night, December 14 the record for the most three points made in the NBA was broken by Stephen Curry. The historic surpassing took place in a game against the New York Knicks in one of the most prestigious arenas in the entire world, Madison Square Garden.

The Golden State Warrior point guard was quick to tie the record scoring his first made three-pointer of the game in just over a minute after the opening tip. Then, 3 minutes later, Curry scored another catch-and-shoot three-pointer and history was made.

The crowd erupted and the game stopped momentarily to commemorate the history that they have witnessed. During this time, Steph went around the arena and hugged the people who played a huge role in his career including his teammates, most notably Draymond Green who made the most assists to Curry that led him to score a three. Other people that he embraced includes his coach, Steve Kerr, his father, Dell Curry and finally the previous record holder, Ray Allen.

The previous record was held by Ray Allen for almost ten years with a recorded three-point made of 2,973 throughout his career of 18 seasons. Allen was in attendance in the historic game where Curry passed his record. The two shared an embrace after the record was broken and the crowd cheered on for the passing of the torch moment that they have witnessed.

After the game, Steph was interviewed regarding what he thinks and feels about him being the all-time leader in three points made and this is what he had to say:

“No better scenario than having Ray in the building and Reggie on the call. My respect for [them], guys who set the bar for what it meant to be a sharpshooter. I’ve tried to own that in my journey.”

“I pride myself on shooting a high percentage, I pride myself on that helping us win games. Now I can pride myself on the longevity of getting to that number Ray set, hopefully pushing it to a number nobody can reach.”

This record cemented Steph as the greatest shooter the NBA has ever seen and ended all the debate that people had over who the best shooter is in the history of the league. In a recent interview, the point guard stated ‘I never wanted to call myself the greatest shooter until I got that record. I’m comfortable saying that now’.

As of the time of writing, Stephen Curry has made 2,986 three-pointers and shows no signs of slowing down. His impressive run during this season also led him to be one of the forerunners of this year’s MVP along with his former teammate, Kevin Durant. Some people also speculate that this season can lead him to win his 4th ring in the NBA given how good their team is playing right now. 

Currently, they’re the second-best team in the Western Conference with a record of 25 wins and 6 losses trailing behind the Phoenix Suns who fell short in capturing the championship last playoffs against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Isaiah Thomas makes his return to NBA

On Friday, December 17th, Isaiah Thomas made his return to the NBA with the Los Angeles. During the game, Thomas played for 22 minutes where he scored a team-high of 19 points off the bench. This was an emotional moment not just for Thomas but for other players and fans who support the 5’9 point guard.

Even though the game was played in the Minnesota crowd, fans showed respect as they welcomed the point guard with a standing ovation recognizing his talent and love for the game.

Isaiah Thomas was a former MVP candidate in the NBA and he put up impressive numbers, especially during his run with the Boston Celtics. He was also a two-time all-star from 2015 through 2017. 

However, after his historic stint with Boston, things haven’t been going great for Thomas. He was thrown around the league moving over to different teams including the Denver Nuggets, Washington Wizards and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Isaiah Thomas last played in the NBA with the New Orleans Pelicans earlier this year in a 10-day contract where he averaged 7.7 points. This unfortunate downfall led him to be cut from the NBA.

Thomas then played for Jamal Crawford’s Pro-Am league in Seattle called ‘The Crawsover’ back in August where he recorded an astounding amount of 81 points. After this game, a video of him crying in the locker room went viral where he was saying that the people gave up on him.

He was then moved over to NBA’s G-League where he signed with the Grand Rapids Gold. On his debut with the team, he erupted with a stat sheet of 42 points, 8 assists, and 6 rebounds. Unfortunately, the team still fell short and lost 127–131 to the Fort Wayne Mad Ants.

However, this impressive performance became key to his return to the NBA as two days later he was signed to the Los Angeles Lakers on a 10-day contract. Thomas will only play for the Lakers until the rest of the team gets back in shape following the COVID protocols.

Joe Johnson sets to return to the NBA

The COVID outbreak left various teams looking for last-minute replacements for their roster. However, one interesting piece of news that came out of this is that the Boston Celtics is signing NBA veteran Joe Johnson to a 10-day contract. This report came from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski on December 22, 2021. Iso Joe is set to return in a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers the same day the news broke out and people are excited to see the former All-Star play on the hardcourt.

This is a perfect example of things going full circle considering that the Boston Celtics is also the first team that signed Johnson back in 2001. And with Boston having 6 players under health and safety protocols, this decision couldn’t have had more perfect timing.

Before his return to the NBA, Joe Johnson has been dominating the Big3 League which was created by the world-famous rapper, Ice Cube. Here, he led the league in scoring and he was also the recipient of MVP honours during his rookie year. In the same year, Johnson also won the championship with his team, the Triplets beating the Killer 3’s. Two years later he won his second MVP title.

However, long time fans would also know that Joe Johnson had an exceptional career in the NBA before he left the league in 2019. His most notable run was with his 5-year stint with the Atlanta Hawks where he averaged 20 plus points per game for five straight seasons. It was also during this time that he was voted All-star for four years cementing him as a superstar in the league.

All in all, fans can’t wait for the return of Iso Joe in the court and see what he has to offer to the Boston Celtics. One thing’s for sure though and that is he’ll bring his veteran moves with him wherever he’ll go.

Lance Stephenson sets to return with the Atlanta Hawks

Speaking of returns, another veteran that’s making his way back to the hardcourt is Lance Stephenson. Again, this is following the COVID protocols which left teams looking for replacements for their roster and with Atlanta Hawk’s situation, they have five players out. Stephenson is signed for a 10-day deal which marks his debut on Thursday night against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Lance Stephenson’s last game in the NBA was with the Los Angeles Lakers back in 2019 where he played 68 games and averaged 7.2 points and 3.2 rebounds. However, the grind never stopped for the veteran as he played for different leagues during his absence from the NBA. 

This included China Basketball Association where he signed with Liaoning Flying Leopards and the NBA’s very own G League where he signed with Grand Rapids Gold. His time with G-League was impressive with an average of 19.8 points and 8.3 rebounds for only 12 games.

Stephenson’s most memorable moment in the NBA was with his time with the Indiana Pacers back from 2013 to 2014. This is where he along with Paul George and the rest of the team went toe to toe with the Miami Heat consisting of prime Lebron James and Dwyane Wade. He was also voted second as the most improved player during this season.

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These are some of the biggest news in the NBA this past week. Most of these are big returns that were caused by the recently implemented COVID protocols in the NBA. 

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