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Sewak Jatha Dadar, a socio-religious organization managed and run purely on voluntary basis, has been registered under Public Trust Act, 1950 (Mumbai 29 of 1950). Registration No. E30619 (M) dated 28/08/2014. It was established way back with significant support of Sri Guru Singh Sabha (Regd.) Mumbai (SGSS).

* As the name implies, SEWA (Service) has been at the core of our activities, which includes:

  • SEWA: GURPURAB DAY (In Pandal).


Jatha has been playing an active role in the preparation and distribution of food supplies and other materials during natural calamities/emergencies/mass weddings / major sports events, etc. under the banner of SGSS.

Seminars on FIRST-AID and FIRE-FIGHTING were also conducted by SJD with the support of SGSS in the Dadar Seminar Hall where professionals from the respective fields were called to cover the Theory as well as the Practical sessions.

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